Thursday, January 8, 2009

Pornography and Its Lies

The Nine Lies of Pornography

Most porn addict feel they could learn a lot about human sexuality, women, marriage and sex, from the view of pornography but they discover that it is a product for sale and would use all sorts of tricks to attract and hold its consumers.

The Branding Managers of various companies adopt the most attractive strategies to capture their audience; pornography would never be an exception.

It is like a young man who gained an admission into the university and got initiated into a cult with the promises of safety, access to all the beautiful girls, and no examination failures.

He discovers after a few months that he is the first to run for safety and is threatened by several "carry-overs". These white lies of pornography include:

Lies No.1 says 'Women are Playthings'

Most pornographic magazines describe women as little animals, playmates, and body parts. In Genesis 2:21-23, woman was made from the rib of man as an image of God (Gen.1:26-27).

God commanded the man to give honour to the woman (wife) and that she is an heir to the grace of life (1Pet.3:7). Pornography devalues womanhood and exposes her as a product rather than real human being with thoughts, emotions and intelligence.

David Sherman, former Midwest Manager of Déjàvu, explains how adult businesses manipulate young girls who they have as waitresses to take their clothes off and dance nude on the stage by creating a sense of family and necessity and plying them with alcohol which throws them into a life of sex, drugs, alcohol and prostitution.

Lies No.2-Women are sex objects

Hard-core porn displays women as openly as possible for the customers to look at. They are seen as merchandise in musical display, porn websites, and romance magazines.

Pornography tells us that women can be bought. That explains why some young men insist on sex once they have spent their money on a woman. Others feel they can have the best of women in terms of beauty and physique so far they have their money.

Lies No.3-Women are a sport

Often I hear young men talk about their sex exploits over women. Porn view man-woman relationship as a sport or game in which there must be a winner and a loser or the highest scorer. Some men boast of how many conquests they can make with women.

Lies No.4-A Woman's value depend on her Beauty

Porn values a woman by how elegant and beautiful she is, with natural curves. It starts and ends with physical attractiveness of a woman and never her internal make-up.

Contrarily, God sees beauty as fading but exalts the woman with internal virtues – Proverbs 31:1-30. Less attractive women are ridiculed in the porn world. They are called dogs or pigs because they don't fit into porn's criteria of the "perfect" woman. The mind and personality of the woman is not considered but the body.

Lies No.5-Dangerous sex is fun

Some of the aspects of hard-core pornography are bestiality, torture and group sex.

Porn treats human beings as animals and suggests that sex can only be enjoyed when it is dangerous and unnatural.

lies No.6-Women Enjoy Rape

When she says "no", she means "yes" is a typical porn slogan. Porn movies show women being raped, fighting and kicking at first, and then starting to like it. Men are taught by porn to enjoy hurting and abusing women for entertainment and selfish gratification.

In a study conducted by Dr. Malmuth and his Associates on "the harms caused by Rapists fueled by pornography" found that when college males were exposed to sexually violent pornography such as rape and other forms of sexual violence, two-thirds of the male subjects, following such exposure, indicated an increased willingness to force a woman into sex acts if they were assured of not being caught or punished. Their mental orientation and belief about sexual relationship is rapidly twisted by a view of porn.

Lies No.7-Women should be abused and degraded

Porn movies show how women are humiliated, tortured and brutalized in several ways while begging for more. It shows hatred and contempt against women.

This is reflected on how these men relate with women. This distorted belief is fueled by the sale of bondage magazines and videos where beautiful women and young girls are tied and gagged in just every way possible.

This was the case of Cameron Hooker and his wife, Janice. Cameron Hooker's fantasy was to dominate and torture nude women who were bound and helpless.

His fantasies were fueled by an extensive collection of hard-core pornography that featured bondage, leather and handcuffs, and whips. At one point during this torture, his victim was able to see through the bottom of her blindfold.

She saw a picture of a naked woman hanging in much the same position that she was hanging. Apparently, he was using this sadistic pornography to put his fantasy into reality. A destructive lesson you learn from porn.

Lies No.8-Sex is good for kids

Child pornography is rapidly becoming the biggest seller in the porn industry with the posting of 20,000 images or more per week. Porn presents women as little girls by wearing pony tails, little girls dressing and holding a teddy bear. This is the vilest form of pornography where actual children are photographed while engaged in some form of sexual activity, either with adults or with other children causing a special harm. These children are induced to engage in sexual activity which is gross child abuse.

However, the pornography industry would not tell you that most of these children are sold into sex, kidnapped, from troubled families, sexually abused at an early age and forced into sexual intercourse.

Lies No.9-Prostitution is Glamorous

The porn industry paints a pleasant picture of lewdness as a rewarding business.

However, these girls are runaway girls, abused girls, addicts who are trapped in the life of degradation.

Pornography has no good for man.

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