Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Christianity and Church Attendance

I was asked on Hubpages to do a hub on" if you have never attend church, can you still consider yourself a practicing Christian?" and I found the request very interesting. I want to share this with you as i know that many people would want to have another person's opinion on this issue.

Asking the question "can a person be regarded as a Christian if he doesn't attend church" is like asking " can a person be seen as a student if he doesn't attend lectures or take exams?"

The church is one place of learning and worship for a Christian.There are days he is expected to go in with other brethren in the church to offer worship-praises, offering,study of the bible and meet other Christians. This is called having fellowship with one another. God specifically in Hebrews 11:25 encouraged Christians to avoid not meeting together as a body.

In the church during studies, one can ask questions on matters of faith that are challenges to him/her.

In the church, one can make prayer requests on whatsoever is a heart desire or a problem of life and prayers would be offered for such.

If you don't attend church, how can you give your offerings and share in the Lord's supper to remember the death of Christ for the Christian-Matthew 26:26-30; I Corinthians.11:23-29.

Attending services is so important to the Christian and I can't see a Christian who makes it good spiritually by being a single tree in a place that's supposed to be a forest.

The Apostles and the Christians met often in fellowship with one another Acts.2:46.

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