Sunday, July 25, 2010

Make Money from AdSense, Amazon And Lulu


Join ordinary people all over the world to create extraordinary wealth through Amazon and Google AdSense and receive your payment right here in Nigeria.

What We will Do for You

1. Design a money making blog or Google Web pages with your own address

2. Monetize it with AdSense and Amazon products search

3. Post 2 money making articles on your blog

4. Submit your Pages/Blog to major search engines for quick indexing and ranking

5. Submit your blog to special blog Directories

What We Need from You

1. A postal address or delivery for sending your cheque to you

2. Your desired blog address for creating your page/blog

3. The Name to be used for payment

4. A Gmail Account (We will create one for you if you desire)

5. A short Biography

Sample blog/Google page

Terms and Conditions

1. Your money making blog/Google Web will be ready after five days of payment.

2. It is your responsibility to add more posts to your blog

3. Our contract ends once we hand over your blog to you

4. Full Money Back Guarantee if we fail to deliver within two weeks

Cost Involved

Pay the sum of N2, 500 (Two thousand, five hundred Naira) only into the Account: LOIS DICK UBA 015-612-2920-1152

Send payment Details to: 0806 707 6313 or 08027042762

Further Enquiries: Call: Double Hedge Africa 0806 707 6313, 08027042762



1. This is your opportunity to have your products showcased and promoted by Amazon, Ebay, Lulu, Barnes and Noble and other global product Retailers and Wholesalers around the world at little or no cost.

2. You will earn Royalties from you products for life once they are published at global markets.

3. You set the price for your products-books, music, etc

4. There is no post paid payment for publishing your work whether a single copy or millions of copies subsequently.

5. Your customers can order just a copy or thousands of copies of your work and it will be produced at no cost to you.

6. You own the copyright to your work

7. All orders and shipment of your work to your customers anywhere in the world is absolutely FREE

What We Need from You

1. A copy of your work-book, music, cookbook, etc

2. You MUST edit your work just as you want it to be published. We don’t do any further work on the editing, formatting, etc of your work.

3. A functional contact Address

4. Your telephone number and email address

5. The desired publisher’s/Author’s name

6. Short description of your work (not more than 1000 words)

7. Your passport photo

What We will Do for You
1. Create a publisher’s/Author’s page and profile for you and your project at Lulu Enterprises

2. Convert your project to the appropriate application and template for publication

3. Design the Front and Back Cover of your project

4. Generate a Barcode, copy of the interior and covers for your work in electronic format

5. Publish your work at the global market

6. Generate a copy of the published work

7. Generate a URL for your project

8. Forward to you the electronic copy of your work-barcode, covers, and interior.

Terms and Conditions
1. This contract ends once your work is published with Lulu Enterprises

2. Your work becomes available online after three weeks of payment

3. The promotion of your work at other online marketplaces attracts a fee.

4. You need a paypal account or get someone who has one to receive your payment in Nigeria.

5. You need to order a hard copy of your published work from Lulu at a little cost (heavily discounted) if you need it. We do not give the hardcopy but an electronic copy of your project.


Pay the sum of N10, 000 (Ten thousand Naira) only to the Account below:

LOIS DICK UBA 015-612-2920-1152

Send details of payment to 08067076313


1. Free ISBN for all our customers who do not have one.

2. A fully money making blog or google page to promote your published project monetized with AdSense and Amazon product search Application

3. Money Back Guarantee if we don’t deliver

For more information:

Call: Double Hedge Africa 0806 707 6313, 08027042762


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